sooooo that’s it guys, this blog has made me super happy for the past two years but i think it might be time to leave. you can find me on herehere and on twitter! love you (:

Anonymous said:
apparently sm told him to leave to cover the tax investigation in exchange for a new contract.

i’ m laughing 

don’t mean to be rude but please stop i don’t give a flying fuck about him

Anonymous said:
he's coming back. lots of rumors from hard core fans.

that’d be lame

Anonymous said:
bless you for shipping hunhan

Anonymous said:
i never liked him that much but i feel there's something missing in exo without him if he come back i'll fogive him just because i want ot12 again.

I think exo can do even better without him. also, he’s not coming back we all should get over it already

Anonymous said:
Another anon - I won't say that you are wrong but I won't say that you are right either. We will probably never know if Kris really had a hard time or not so I don't think you should speak about it as if you know everything that is going on behind the scenes. Also you must have missed the hate Kris is getting because it is a whole lot. Neither Kris or Baek deserves the hate

I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and don’t need to know either, I’m just speaking from what I see everyday going thought my dashboard and TL on twitter. Baekhyun did nothing to get all the hate and still apologizes, Kris did leave the group a few days before their concert, hurt his fans, and still everyone hopes for him to comeback. Excuse me but that seems insane to me. 

Anonymous said:
top 5 exo otps?




Anonymous said:
So I'm assuming you don't like Kris very much anymore? Or?

never liked him that much tho

luhan taking a nap during a game + ruffling his hair

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